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Four Fires

Wednesday | 7:00 PM


Men's group that meets on Wednesdays at 7pm in RS Kids 308. All men welcome! The Four-Fires is a framework for winning at life. (1) The Purpose Fire: our connectedness with God and our commitments to Him. (2) The People Fire: our relationships with family and friends. (3) The Physical Fire: what we eat and how often we exercise. (4) The Professional Fire: identifying our craft and converting it into cash. Every morning you wake up with an arm full of logs. The logs represent your time, energy, and resources. You get to choose every day which fires you put your logs on. We believe that God's ideal for us is to distribute our logs amongst all four fires. We call this living 4-dimensionally. Join The Four-Fires Tribe and start a Fire Circle to surround yourself with men that are striving to live 4-dimensionally for themselves, their family and their community. Led by Levi Harville 470-633-8067

Leader Names:
Levi Harville

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